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Rocket Piano makes the feat of piano learning easy by using supplementary workbooks, online tutorials and frequent newsletters. Ruth Searle, the highly trained pianist and experienced instructor in the video lessons, shines through program with skillful composition and creativity. When you sign up for an account on Rocket Piano, you can try six beginner lessons that cover hand position, posture, notation and much more. Once you purchase, you get to download seven e-Books, that take you through from novice to advanced levels.

There are several games and metronome purchases to take away. Jade Musica Pro is a notation game, Chordinator is a speed-test game that concentrates on chords. You can also track your progress using a progress-tracking page found in each e-Book. Rocket Piano is very easy to use. The digital downloads are quick and easy to implement. The audio tracks and the videos are clear and concise.

You can also purchase buy hard copies of the products if you prefer them, but at a significant additional cost. The e-books are also provided with the links to the audio and video accompaniment files that must be used as references. All these features make Rocket Piano’s lesson material of  great value. All this makes Rocket Piano a great piano software, certainly worth a try.

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