Download WifiRadio

Need a media player that not only runs audio visual files but also allows the user to download billions of movies, TV shows, Music videos, Anime etc in a single click? Then Wifi Radio is the right option for you. It supports almost all file formats regarding audio visual. The application allows user to download audio visual data from almost any secured links. It even supports torrents like Bittorrents links.

The application has a huge support feature for a wide range of file format. The user can use this application even as an audio player, especially for running for file formats like mp3, aac, wav etc. The main feature of this application is that it also supports data download from worldwide radio entertainment stations, so now any one can even listen to radio programs with a single click.

The application is so stuffed with features and options that the user gets a feeling of advance level of entertainment through its audio visual output. The software also gives the feature of playlist through recent download options. It helps the user to manage files as well as creating folders. The software is totally internet based though it allows a base installation on user’s operating system.  It also offers to download and read console games and podcasts.