Download RadioMaximus Portable

When it comes to podcasting software, there are many choices in the market; however, not many are as good as that of RadioMaximus Portable. It is among the top quality software from the house of Raimersoft. It is the latest on-the-go version of the original RadioMaximus software. This software allows the user not only to listen different radio stations, various podcasts from the internet, but it also gives the user the opportunity of recording those podcasts from anywhere and at any time as per the likings of the listener.

This portable software can record the podcasts in different formats, like – MP3, WMA, AAC and so on. The user can use this portable software from any USB device. The user interface of this software is not extremely attractive like many other such software in the market, however, it is excessively suitable for any user to understand the software.

The user can schedule automatic recordings with the help of this software. Moreover, the user can add favorite radio channels to listen up. It shows off the cover art of the recorded music, as well as, it exhibits the logos of the online radio stations. All these facilities make this software one of the best in the field of podcasting software.

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