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Ever found the internet radio lacking in the Windows Media Center? With the array of things that are already present in the Windows Media Center, we see that mcShoutCast has a bit more to add. Internet radio is seamlessly integrated to the already bundled media player that comes with the operating system of Windows. The user interface of mcShoutCast is pretty easy to use and simple. It brings a vast array of international radio stations for the user just at the click of his fingertips. Sometimes people are bored of listening to their own music collection for hours and hours and mcShoutCast brings in the change by letting you try new music at the click of your mouse.

The user interface is animated to suit the style of the Windows Media Center and the radio stations are arranged in the same manner as the other media files in the media player. The sheer diversity and the variety of the radio stations that are available for the viewer’s choice makes this software stand out from the rest of the internet radio broadcasting software that are available in the market. This allows the user to be exposed to international music that they thought never existed.

The software allows you to record broadcasts and has extensive support for file extensions that are available in the player. It has nested playlists, which calls for better organization of the radio stations’ diversity. The software comes with a very impressive database management for internet radio stations. The visual appeal and animated display makes it an instant favorite among the radio broadcasters over the net. The integration with Windows Media Center saves the effort for developing a separate software protocol. Its size is not an issue, as it comes in a size of approximately 3MB. All in all if you want to have an eclectic taste in music goes for it.

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