Jewe NetRadio

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Jewe NetRadio is software which allows its users to listen and access Internet Radio as well as other media players without adding unnecessary plug in which not only increases the memory consumption but also looks quite much shabby. This software is designed on the graphical user interface library script and the finest audio players. This makes the software compress its commercial size, also provides user communicating interface and the basic designs on accessing media programs. It has certain inbuilt radio channels but the user can add more channels by simply adding them to the folder.

The interface of the software is very easy and tangle free. The window just covers your screen and has blue margins with black atmosphere. The related text will be displayed in blue colors. The text comprises of the channel being played, what operations the user can do and so on and so forth. The window showcases six tabs namely play, volume control, audio, audio controllers like bass and treble and middle. The channel list also has three options. One allows you to learn more about the channels, second you can hide it and the last option is exit. So whenever you select a channel and press the play tab, the software shows you the channel name with the name of the singer, song name, and the total time required to play the song. Even at the right corner of the window, a double diagrammatic representation of channels will be shown.


The audio quality of this software is very good and will not destroy your sound system of the system. It does not allow searching for channels. This software is highly compatible with users and does not create troubles. Windows operating system like windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as 8 are compatible with this software.