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QuickScore Elite is not just a music notation software. It is a complete recording studio software package that lets you create professional quality sheet music. It is capable of helping novice and professional musicians alike. The window system consists of all the tools that you need in order to channel your creativity into a brilliant piece of music.

The software is so simple that with only a few days of fiddling with the software, you will feel comfortable to compose a few jingles of your own. QuickScore Elite consists of a number of palettes, including the object type palette, toolbar palette, along with excellent other editing tools, making music composition manageable and allowing you to visualize what you are doing. QuickScore Elite features a Score Editor which allows you to enter notes directly using your mouse, your computer keyboard or a virtual piano.

Along with this the Score editor also allows you to edit and completely control MIDI and audio data. QuickScore Elite accepts standard MIDI files and also imports MusicXML files, so that you can work with scores that have been created with other software packages. QuickScore Elite is a great buy if you’re looking for studio recording and music notation software's.

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