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Enjoying online radio stations with the help of some software is not an uncommon thing at all these days, but having some software that allows the user to enjoy both online radio stations and television channels at a time is not an extremely common thin to get. However, with ProgDVB Pro, it is possible these days. The user can enjoy SAT-Television with the help of this software.

This software enables the user to enjoy the programs directly from satellite with the use of DVB-PCI cards. The user can enjoy such online television shows or radio channels with the help of this software in the hardware decoders, SAT-dish or in personal computers that are x86 compatible. The software allows the user to view as well as record different shows from YouTube. The latest version of the software possesses some bug fixes.

This software enables the user to listen as well as view and moreover, record or download the favorite shows. The user can schedule a recording at a given time, and this software will automatically record that program. This software offers at about 400 channels at a time to view. It also enables the user to playback from a file. All these facilities make this software an automatic choice for the users.

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