Download Play Music

Play Music is an easy to use and reasonably priced musical notation software. This software offers prominently all the tools and palettes that are required to create a basic music composition.

The software includes nearly 30 templates for the user to work with. After composing a tune, the user can save it as a template and retrieve it for future use in case they want to create a similar track. This software can import MIDI files for the user to work with. The MIDI files have to be converted to the PlayMusic format before they can be worked on. After the user finishes working on them and editing them, these PlayMusic files can be converted again to MIDI files and used. The notes can be entered by clicking the mouse.

There is an attached help file that comes along with the Play Music software. This 17 page manual gives details about the functions of the software. Beginners may have a slight problem getting through the interface but once the user gets used to the tools and the palette, it becomes a swift software to work with. Play Music is easy and best suited for any intermediate user and composer. It is a software which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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