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PianoHead is a classy Piano lesson software consisting of four engaging games that train you in four areas of music theory. These games teach you notes, scales, intervals and key signatures for the piano.It is a supplementary teaching tool available in almost all platforms including Microsoft and Mac and also in the iOS compatible devices. There is also a challenge game that which allows you to compete against other PianoHead users worldwide for a spot in the scoreboard of PianoHead.

The desktop version of the software is MIDI compatible and lets you play games using USB-connected MIDI keyboard. However, it is not available in the app and online versions. PianoHead has a few practise tools we usually look for in a piano software. The interface is usable with detailed instructions and settings tab to customize the appearance and operation. It also tracks your scores, and allows you to share that progress.

At the end of the day, PianoHead tests your knowledge of scales, notes, key signatures and intervals on the piano. The challenge games are an easily and fun  way to learn the art of the piano. It is exactly what every Piano lesson Software must be - educational and fun. This is the reason that thousands around the globe rely upon PianoHead for learning the basics of Piano.

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