Download Zen Cast Organizer

Zen Cast Organizer very smoothly integrates all the Zen Cast media files with the help of Creative portable media players including the user’s computer. The software helps in resolving the download issues on certain subscribed channels. The software is being developed by the Creative Technology Ltd. that can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website and which runs under Windows XP and Vista operating system.

The Zen Cast Organizer basically contains three main units: Zen Cast Organizer, Video Converter, and Sync Manager. The software is mainly designed so as to organize the Zen Cast image, audio and video files which can be later played on the user’s computer or any compatible portable devices. The Zen Cast software has got some distinguished features and enhancements such as it helps in viewing photo channel in the thumbnail view option. It also supports the option to transfer image files into the player’s photo library and permits to subscribe to Flickers and Windows Live Space and Photo Space.

Other utility of the Zen Cast Organizer software, which is the Sync Manager helps in synchronizing different types of media files and data stored in the user’s portable device as well as the computer. Whereas, the Video Converter helps to convert various video files to a specific colour and size that is suitable for the user’s portable video media players. The software is supported by the various portable players such as: ZEN V Plus, ZEN X –FI 8GB, ZEN Vision, ZEN Micro Photo, ZEN Mosaic, etc.  As in overall the software has been performing in a very smooth and detailed way without letting any inexperienced user to face any trouble.

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