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In our fast moving lives it’s such a pain to sit back and search for a specific file in the computer and keep searching till every part of the body starts to ache. No matter how organized the system maybe, it is still difficult to find files with the filename as it can take perhaps hours to find the files from a million types.  This software is specifically useful for encoding decoding and comment adding purposes in the scenario of editing the media files that we want to find when it’s most required. Tagging CDs and encoding their content seems a joy with WinVorbis. The formats like WAV, RAW, AIF, APE are all encoded to OGG. If we had tag each of the files separately the job would be tedious. But WinVorbis allows us to apply the same tags to multiple files if necessary, which comes in handy.

Limitations of the various ways of tagging are removed as WinVorbis makes work easier by allowing the user the freedom of 6 user defined tagging procedures that allows the user to tag the files using additional information to enhance the indexing of the file system the user chooses to operate on. The advanced features of this software include maintenance of the number of non-standard tags in operation and creation of multiple file scans to create tags automatically based on the file system.

Multiple File scans allow the user to change the filename as soon as it saved in the hard drive of his computer. The functionality just gets better when the other important features of WinVorbis are enumerated; Re-encode without losing comments allows the user standalone encoding lwithout loss of tags. Alphabetical arrangement and case conversion coupled with UTF-8 unicode support with usual functions like drag-drop from windows allows WinVorbis to be favorite amongst users.

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