Download Walk Band: Piano,Guitar,Drum.. for PC Windows

Walk Band: Piano,Guitar,Drum.. for PC Windows is your all in one stop for all the virtual musical instruments. With perfect sound generation with the exact note you play on the device, this application is one of the most accurate and near professional virtual set of instruments. Using the application, you can play guitar, drum machine, keyboard and drum pad among few others.

The application provides a lot of customization to make the instruments suited for your playing style. On the keyboard, you can adjust the keys you want to make visible, you can adjust their width and supports the simulation of devices like piano, organ, Synth and Rhodes. Similarly, in the guitar you can choose from among the three basic types of guitars. You can even play and record your composition using this application. And the most surprising feature of this fun application is that you can plugin in MIDI keyboard to your computer and use it to play music in the application.

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