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If you are looking to study singing or tuning your musical instrument or developing your vocal skills, then VIMAS Singing Tutor is the perfect application for you. This application is extremely user friendly and simple to use. Whether you are looking to hone your musical skills or improve your vocal ability then look no further than the VIMAS Singing Tutor. This application even allows you to measure and compare the pitch and frequency of different notes. Each note or sound has a characteristic pitch and frequency.

The higher the pitch of the sound, the greater is the frequency. With the help of this application, you can measure the frequency of the note or sound and compare it with the frequency of a reference note with high precision and accuracy. This is particularly helpful for musicians and song editors. This app is used by many professionals working in a studio and also by students who are studying music. With the help of the VIMAS Singing Tutor, you first need to select the note and the pitch of the note, which you want to sing. Then you can hear it and equate with your singing voice or note frequency. This is done with the aid of a visual indicator.

The indicator shows the frequency of both the reference note and your voice and hence one can compare the difference in their pitches. You can also select many notes with a defined range of pitch and test your vocal pitch with the designated diapason. You can even control the level of recording with the help of the indicator. This app uses the most modern and latest algorithms of the digital signal processing for measuring the pitch values. This is the best app in the market if you are looking for a singing tutor.