Download The PC Jukebox

The PC Jukebox is such an application that transforms the users’ PC into an attractive and a full-fledged jukebox that can import the user’s tunes from a specified folder after installation. Once the installation of the software is done the user can see a professionally designed look of the mimics of the commercial jukebox that one can find in any bar or restaurant. The application automatically downloads the album-cover art by itself and the user can browse the collection of music by the genre, artist or album lists.

The PC Jukebox gives instant access to the user’s entire MP3 collection in a detailed statistical environment. The application comprises of oversized buttons and controls basically meant for a touch screen but can be handled using a standard mouse. The application also provides with an automated search engine that quickly resolves the users search for a specific tune. The nine brand equalizer lets the user to tune up the sound as per the liking while the skin-creation tool helps to customize the application’s look if the default look is disliked. The PC Jukebox contains some special standout features, which help the user in performing its task such as it helps in queuing the song and supports user multiple video formats. It has a well developed infrastructure which has much similarity with traditional jukebox. The graphic equalizer is also used to edit playback

The PC Jukebox supports all types of operating system of the Windows version which keeps the user free from any problem with regards to installation. The application has the ability to cross-fade the tunes that are well taken at the parties while the option that locks the buttons ensures that no other can mingle with the respective mix. This software is basically designed for audio collection but it can play video files also. The PC Jukebox has proved its name and application by fulfilling the users’ requirement.

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