Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator

Download Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator

Tired of playing your synthesizer and trying to make it sound exactly like the song you are trying to emulate and failing? All you need is Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator to enhance the tunes that you churn. The software comes in handy in converting MIDI tones that your synthesizer or musical instrument churns out and adds an arpeggio to the tones where and when you like them to be used in the tune. Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator is a virtual arpeggiator that contains four different types of arpeggios in it that are loaded and any MIDI tunes that are played through it will automatically be converted into those four arpeggios.

The program comes with much more as it allows you to customize the arpeggios by letting you customize the direction, changing the length of them as when you require. Varying the length of arpeggios make editing music much easier than it seems. It allows you to change the octaves in which the song is played by allowing you to change the number of octaves that are being played in each note churned out by you. Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator crosses the line by introducing rhythm modification where you can issue multiple arpeggios that operate on the same media channel.

The interface is pretty easy to figure out when the functions are analyzed to a comfortable degree. The Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator can be appended to various softwares to synchronize with the MIDI tones they produce.  They either use the internaltempo of the software or they continue with the preloaded tempo that is assigned by the user.  Moreover, the software becoming a freeware makes differentiating between the noise you hear and the sound you like so much easier. All in all Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator comes packed with all you need to create the arpeggios that you wanted so badly in your tunes.