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Music and media are two essential needs in recent times. As the times progressing, music is been developed in modified versions. Solo Explorer is one of the software left in this class which is used to convert wave to midi conversions for the betterment of music. It allows the user to an automatic music transcription as well as helps in editing music via software.

The software was developed in the year of 2002, April by the famous software development authority GailiusRaskinis. The software contains all the necessary details required to develop music in better version. It includes a great music handling ability as well as a great utilisation towards the improve performance of the processor. For these factors it is elected in the MP3 & Audio Software division. And the sub-category is chosen as the music management software section. The simplicity of this software leads a great reputation in case of all the windows operating systems starting from windows 7, Windows 8, windows XP, windows vista to all other supports Solo Explorer. And most importantly it doesn’t require any other software to run it. It is self-sufficient and independent enough to imply itself. It only requires about a suitable operating system only. Else it conquers only 744 kb of hard disc space to fit in.

Solo Explorer produces some features that any other software will definitely fail to show. It allows the user to detect the pitch, loudness and many more parameters which can be handful while modifying the music. It can extract the original music tone out of many noise and faults with a great accuracy and efficiency. Via SoloExplorer one can show the tune of its voice or any sound. It allows the user to do many new experiments with the sound and music given to modify. Experts believe it is one of the most efficient software present in the generation.

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