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Ever thought of a software, which could actually store your media files and other important data, and would let you carry it anywhere you like or want? Well, to put an end to this concern Roxio Streamer is in the town. This software is no less than a data storage tool, which allows one to upload their media files and view it online from some other location. One can sign up for unlimited number of user accounts to store their data and files. The best part about this software, is that one can have this software downloaded on mobile phones, and other android devices with a secured FTP access.

All the tools of this software are pretty easy to be used and handled, all the functionalities of this software, is somewhat like that of a online hard drive. Apart from storing media files, one can also store and upload images and videos to their account, and this they can share it with their family, and friends. One need not worry about the sound and the video quality after storing videos and movies in it, because the sound and the video quality is not effected in any way, after the files are uploaded in this software.

The price of the software has been designed in such way, that everybody finds it comfortable to buy it. While uploading the any file into Roxio Streamer, one need not worry about the size of file, as it does not take that aspect into account. As far as its installation is concerned, there has been no such problems reported by the customers. The software comes along with a user manual, which the users may refer, if they come across any kind of technical difficulty. From above it is evident that, Roxio Streamer has all the superior qualities which home media management software should have, and gives all the reasons to the customers to go for this product, when they are in the market.

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