PixToolz Undelete

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The PixToolz Undelete provides the user to bring back all the media files, including music, image and data from the deleted files. It also includes the deleted files from recycle bin and formatted disc or corrupted drives. The PixToolz Undelete was first designed by the Fotosafari media software development organization in the year of 2012. The program is basically for the professional level, lost their valuable data due to the corruption of the drives. It basically consists of two modes of operation.

Firstly, the utilization of bringing back the lost media files helps it to earn a spot in the utility & operating system software concern. Secondly, the managing of the recovered files and porting them to their original link location helps the program to get elected in the file management sub-category. Due to the simple nature of the program, PixToolz Undelete is supported in every windows operating system. From windows 7, windows vista to windows XP, windows 2000 every system is familiar with it. And the most important part is it doesn’t require any other bonus software to back up its settings. It is self-sufficient and can run by itself. Only it needs about 4 MB of hard disc space to imply itself.

The PixToolz helps the user to recover all of his lost data and media files along with their originality in three simple steps. First the user has to run the program and select the drive or card from which the following data has been lost. Then all the files have to be selected and restore option is there to regaining it back. After that, it is all done and the lost files are now regained in their own position as they were before. PixToolz Undelete is very simple software to manual as it was design keeping in mind for all. One would definitely want to try this.