Download MusicSort

A software program that collects and organizes all your audio files automatically on all your hard drives is a basic necessity for all users who have a huge music library. MusicSort is a software program that is not only built to manage and organize all your audio files, but also has the brilliant feature of being compatible with the ‘Cloud’ network as well. With MusicSort there is no longer the need to manually operate on sorting the bizarre audio files stored but the MusicSort does all that for you, and that too, in minutes. This software connects straightaway with the data warehouse of the ‘cloud’ network, from which you can play the music or choose to copy the audio files into your computer. What the MusicSort does is that it uploads the online files from the ‘cloud’ and stores it into your hard drives like it was always there in your system. The processing of files can be done by the MusicSort or can be done by the user as well.

The program has a simple interface and the features are pretty simple to use. MusicSort takes entire lists, files with the folders and even the disks and manage them. The MusicSort has a unique ’smart engine’ through which you can search a file with just the estimation of the filename. The MusicSort has a personalized ‘bookmark’ that instantly identifies files that is needed. This tool has functions that include renaming, deleting, copying and finding duplicate files in your computer system. It also contains a special feature for automatic removal of file names, spaces, numbering of files etc.

The MusicSort is free in the market and the program supports various language usages. This software gives you the liberty to play, store and create your playlists by directly connecting to the “cloud” as well as outside it. MusicSort works at a good speed and all the searches are administered in huge databases, thus, covering all the places to find a specific file in a short time.