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If you are a music addict and no matter where you are, you are surrounded by some music file or the other, be it on the computer, the PSP, Hard Drives, CDs or DVDs, then the thought of collecting your entire music database must have occurred to you. Music Collections saves you from freaking out if you ever mistakenly lose your audio files from your dispersed collection since it’ll behave like a back-up to your entire collection of MP3s.

Music Collections is a software that shall search every file over the computer, Hard Drives, will extract files from your media gadgets, import MP3s from the CDs and DVDs, and make out an entire new collections of all the songs you ever had in one place for better management and organization. No matter whether the files are in MP3, WMA or WAV format, the Music Collections will read all and make them work and play to you. After the Music Collections bring all your files into one specific place, then you can compile the files as per your liking. You can burn up a new CD and take a pile of collection of specific songs with you and play it on your PSP whenever you travel.

All your collection will be safely kept in Music Collections. The best part about Music Collections is that it is user-friendly and has no complicated operations to make it run. This software is available in the market for free in a trial basis so, before buying it you have the liberty to try it out and see how well it works according to your needs. Music Collections is a simple software with no fancy features but is efficient in whatever it does. The software is compatible with almost all OS and hence can function without difficulty. Music Collections is a nice way to compile your collections with simplicity.