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Having a large music collection is an extremely common phenomenon these days. However, cataloging such a collection is not an easy task at all, until and unless someone has quality software support with him or her. Music Catalogue Master is such software that helps someone in this purpose of cataloging a music collection. Music Catalogue Master can categorize the CDs, mp3 files, vinyl records etc without any troubles. It categorizes the collection of music in an easily searchable database. It also helps the user to find out music easily from CDs, mp3 files and even from Vinyl Records.

Music Catalogue Master enters CDs and records automatically from four different internet databases. The software downloads and inputs all the available records, CDs and mp3 files information into the database. It categorizes the music files by track titles, like – artist name, song title, label, release year, cover art and many more. A person can create a lot of tracking categories as per his or her wish with the help of this software. This software has a lot of top class features that helps someone to track duplicate music files also and find out the purchase price, current price of the songs.

The software has a complete different section that can give the user information about all copies of a same album. It can filter any CDs, records, and mp3 files with ease. This helps the user to view and print any tracks as per the wish of the user. Moreover, this software helps to print a report or import a report into HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, XML and various other file formats. It also helps to track and play mp3 files. The software is extremely easy to use, and the user interface helps the first time users to make use of it without having a lot of troubles. That is the reason why; this software is one of the best in the category of music management and sorting.

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