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When any MP3 file or folder is not working in its right order, the MP3DirSorter software can prove to be helpful. This software fixes all the errors that occur related to the MP3 music collection of the user. Just the user need to install and then drag the folder that is causing problem and the application will sort it out.

MP3DirSorter is totally free tool that is mainly use to display or play program files in their right order. The MP3DirSorter was published by the ITISTH on August 15th, 2008 with a file size of 160Kb. User can run the software as soon as it gets installed. It thus makes it a useful and a portable application that can be stored in any sort of removable devices. It is important to make sure that Windows operating system can access the MP3 files and folders.

The MP3DirSorter fixes those MP3 files or folders that are not placed in the alphabetical order most of the time. The application sorts out the order of files and folder in the file system and thus making it confirmed that the users’ MP3 plays the tracks in the right order. Thus, as a whole, the MP3DirSorter is proving to be a solution of most of the problems faced by the user in regards with MP3 files and tracks.

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