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In case of downloading a music file, the name of the file depends on the website of that particular music file. Most of the music files website describes one particular music file with their own particular way of marking. Thus after downloading the file the user has to face the problem of identifying the file with an uncommon name. To solve this minor problem, famous software development authority ZWLiangSoft presents Mp3 WoYun. A complete solution of tagging the mp3 files.

Once downloading a file it is very hard to identify one particular file. Mp3 Wo Yun solved that problem. Else it has a very simple and soft design with an easy mechanism for all. The file handling skill of this software really creates a spot of bother. Thus it acquires a spot in the MP3 & Audio Management category. Else it has also a place in the music management software sub-category. The simplicity of the software gives it a great advantage in case of the operating systems. Every windows operating system including windows 7, windows 8, 98, 2000, and windows XP, ME, NT, windows vista supports Mp3 Wo Yun. And most importantly, it doesn’t require any other bonus software to give it a backup. It is self-supportive and independent enough. All it requires is 427 Kb of hard disc space to bother in the hard disc.

MP3 Wo Yun is basically Mp3 tagging software with some additional features. After downloading a file it come with a weird name of their own website. Now through this software one can identify and tag the music file with its own original name and details. Else it has great music detection ability as its technical part. The software can identify the music files and relocate them according to their respective position in the list. MP3 Wo Yun is really a next generation software according to the experts.

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