MP3 Observer Pro

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Organizing MP3 files has never been quicker. You can now go through your hard drives or storage device and import files into your database or simply drag and drop them. It allows music enthusiasts to edit ID3Tags, not just to check but also repair MP3 files. It can be used for creating your own playlists and then exporting the database that you create. Creating suitable and tailored CD archives and printing CD covers of the CD archives is also a feature. It allows the user to open any file type. It includes Integrated Stream Capture for SHOUTcasts that allows you to record your shout cast streams and then play them. It is compatible with PLS links like a CD Ripper and new SHOUTcast servers. It has an internal player that comes with a counter for BPM and cross fade capability and also an encoder and/or decoder for MP3. It has Winamp support for en-queuing and allows the user to view statistics like the genres (up to 20) that top your playlist.

All the essential functions like file moving, deleting, renaming from ID3Tag, tagging, creation of ID3Tag from the file name, can be carried out on multiple files at a time. You can view, add/remove images included in your ID3v2 MP3 Tag easily. You can preview the creation of yours and hear your MP3 files that you imported from CDs in spite the CD not being in the CD ROM. It has Automatic-Track Numeration that is designed to assign the track numbers automatically.

Intelligent tagging means you can pad track numbers by capitalizing the first letter of each word, leading zeroes, and replace configured letters. You can join or split MP3 files and Open Database Design that allows you to change MS Access Database to your own Database backend if you require extremely high performance. It has also an easy to use full multi language interface and changeable skins.