MP3 Indexer

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This unique software will help you to sort out your music collection and keep track of your MP3 collection in a much easier way. For music lovers who have too many tracks to keep count this as the perfect software. MP3 Indexer is programmed to create an Excel Spreadsheet after repetitive scans of a folder in order to locate MP3 files. The software reads some of the ID3v2 tag data out and also any ratings that might be stored in the library of Windows Media Player in case of files that may be managed by Windows Media Player.

The Excel Spreadsheet that the software creates has its basis on a template that has a macro and also an auto filter. Its amazing feature is that it allows you to mark certain tracks by writing “x”-s in the first column; you can copy the selected files to a specified folder with the press of a button. This software can be used for various purposes apart from maintaining records of your MP3 files. Excel can be used by this software for creation of more complex filters, also to create backup of your MP3 files, to package songs in advance for the purpose of copying them to a MP3 player later on. It is also useful for charting purposes such as charting Windows Media Player ratings. It is a way to store the ratings visibly you can trust in.

This software can also be used to create Data-Feeds and as a base for analysis of any kind. Keeping a clear index or chart of your MP3 files means you can find any file instantly and it also saves you the hassle of downloading a file multiple times that you could not find. The columns that are generated in the Excel Sheet created by this software are Selection, Artist, Song Title, Album, Rating, Genre, Release Year, Date, Track and File-name.