MP3 Folders

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MP3 Folders helps you to treat any folders like a playlist for WAV or MP3 files. It also has the support and feature to display and also edit WAV audio headers and IDE3.v1 MP3 tags. This software also lets you organize and manage your song playlist with great ease so that finding a particular song from a huge list takes a fraction of a second.

As media players generally do not have the ability to separate songs by their Meta tags, hence it will be almost impossible to search a specific song from an enormous playlist. This problem can be overcome with the help of MP3 Folders. MP3 Folders will help you in creating playlists and organizing and managing your music files based on their Meta tags such as artist name, year of album, first letter, genre, etc. or according to some other tag information. With this tool, you can not only create your own folder structure but you can also generate file structure so as to include original name of the file and title.

Once you have installed the app, you can start to create and edit folder structure and file structure. You can manually specify the file or drag and drop the folder to fill the list.  Once it has been added it will show all the details like title, artist name, album, etc. in the main window. By selecting a particular song from the list, you can also get the complete detail and information. MP3 Folders is compatible with Windows XP and up.