Download MkPlaylist

Mkplaylist is a not a typical music software, perhaps it enhances to sort and create a playlist as the way its administrator wants him to do from the music files he have. The software is published by the No Bull Software group in recent times. Like all other software, MkPlaylist also falls in the MP3 and Audio software section and sub categorized in music management software section.

The experts designed this software for the use of everyone. It is very easy to use and easily can be configured. Not like all other software, it is been supported in every operating system. Like windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 to the latest windows 8. As it is very affordable and very easy to use, it doesn’t need any additional software for support or back up. It hardly requires 1mb of size in a hard disc to run itself.

The working principle of MkPlaylist is quite different from others in its class. It assists the user to create his/her play list from the music files available. It copies files from the hard disc of your machine, and transfers the music files to its database to play. While transferring, it shows all the details of the music files, including their artists, albums, date of publishing and size. One can add as many as music files possible. After creating a play list in the database, some more files are also can be attached whenever the administrator wants. Created playlist can be saved in the software database permanently. Now the administrator can play those files every time he/she wants to listen it. The created play list is been supported in various music-playing software, including windows media player and all. One can use this software anytime and as it is very easy to use, everyone can afford to use this MkPlaylist.