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Our computer is a total mess of all things. It is not at all properly arranged and placed with randomly things and objects. The files which are already present in our disc drives where not so managed that well. We present Media Manager, a complete solution of all the problems regarding organisation of computer memory system.

The software is totally made for the components which are already present in the disc drives. It helps and enhances the processing rate of the computer by cleaning up the drives and makes it clean and re-arranged too. The software is basically media oriented software with an awesome file handling ability and contribution towards the operating system of the computer. The software was first launched in the market by New Millennium Communication software development authority in the year of 2012, July. Due to all the ability it conceded it is considered as one of the most happening programs. Thus it is greatly supported by all the windows operating system; from windows XP, 98, 2000, ME to windows 7, 8 all the operating system supports Media Manager.  And most importantly, it is independent enough to manage itself alone, as it is self-supportive. It only requires Film maker Pro and only 5.27Mb of hard disc to fit in the computer hard disc.

The software Media Manager is very useful as well as very efficient in working software. It reacts upon the objects and components already present in the hard disc and make them work well and work fast for the sake of the processor. It can create powerful document and ideal problem solution environment for the others. Another advantage is it supports a large domain of file types. From MP3, Jpeg to MP4, WMA all the files are comfortable with the Media Manager. It is certainly one of the most rising software in the upcoming generation.


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