M3U Maker

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This software is one of the best available software that allows its users to make m3u files in a simple way without any kind of complications. If you have ripped mp3 files from different CDs and you are facing problems in turning all those mp3 files into and m3u file, M3U Maker is the perfect answer to all your questions. It is simple and user friendly. It allows its user to access and add music files easily to its M3U playlist. This playlist can be launched by any standard music playing program that is available in the user’s computer.

The program has a very simple interface, which is easy to understand. It is so straightforward that it can be used without any confusion or complicated errors. Only the basic information are required like the playlist name or author name, artist or album name, genre or copyright information. In addition to this the user can give in the banner settings and provide the location, the link and the text information. And also there are a number of tools for you to use them and load or clear or store the fields, add a file or save the file at any time in m3u format.

The developers of M3U Maker have this software holds the power to take in up to 2.14 billion entries in one file and at the same time it can handle multiple number of songs in a single pointer file. This software also shows you few examples such as how you can create your own personal M3U file by filling in the vacant fields with the help of the built in data. The software program can be used in almost all Windows environments and runs with very low resources and hence does not affect the performance. This software is the easiest way to create an M3U file.