Download M3U Dropper

The M3U Dropper application helps the user to create or make playlists by using various links. The links that are used for this application can be shifted from file managers and/or browsers. M3U Dropper will then take these links that you drop and create out of it a portable playlist. It can alternately be used as a program launcher or even like a portable and hybrid book-marker. This is made possible because M3U Dropper has the ability to accept and also the ability to launch any link drops.

The configuration files of M3U Dropper all come with screen locations. This enables various configurations to be open at various different positions. The user can also add a dialog box that will show the progress made by the folder drops. The window title has the capability of reflecting M3udrop files on the command line if the application is started with these files. The application title can be changed after the configuration file is deleted if necessary. Links that are dropped can be sorted from the sort option on the menu bar. It has an easily understood interface.

The software also comes with an excellent help file for those who have faced difficulty in understanding the application. It is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems like Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. You can now create quick and easily portable playlists with just a click. Also F8 is the hot-key to clear configuration files.

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