Download M3dia – MP3 Docking Interaction Assistant

The basic idea of this software is to dock the music file in the user flash player drive or music player. Docking the music files normally in the music player is time consuming as well as quit hazardous. Thus M3Dia solve this problem in no time presenting its awesome features.

The software was first launched in the market by Someware software development authority in the year of 2005, December. The software M3Dia is configured with all the latest configurations and modifications possible. The software is well reputed in the mass people as docking the music files much faster than the usual default speed. The music file handling ability of the software keeps the user guessing about its processing speed. And the contribution towards the utility of the machine is simply keeps the user speechless. For this reason it has able to earn a spot in the MP3 & Audio Software category as well as Music Management Software sub-category. The simplicity of using this software leads it to a great reputation in the field of the windows operating system. Like windows Vista, windows 98, windows 2000, windows ME, Windows NT, windows XP to windows 7, 8 all the operating systems supports M3Dia. And most importantly it doesn’t require any other additional software to run itself. It is self-independent and can manage on its own. It only requires about 5 Mb of hard disc space to fit itself in the machine.

One can easily dock all the media files to the flash player via M3dia in just a click. The software automatically loads the music files by making a playlist every time a new generic  MP3 player is been docked. It has a special ability to detect the music between multiple players and multiple selections. The transfer process is also done according to the wish of the user. M3Dia is really software that one could believe on.


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