Jukebox 2k

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Jukebox 2k is among one of the old software. It was launched in early 2002 by the JADsoft. As because it was launched in the year of 2002 ,it is compatible with almost every version of the windows. It runs on windows 95 and at the same time it also runs on windows xp SP3. As because it is one of those milestone players in the market, it supports a number of formats like .mp3, .wav, mp4, .aac and others.

The player is also able to play music directly from CD or DVD itself . The software is just 1.43 MB in size. It can be easily downloaded from the internet. And it is completely free to use. The attractive look of this software makes it popular among users. This tool comes with an attracting skin but new skins can also be downloaded from the site of the product. The shortcut support and drag and drop feature makes it easy to use and user friendly.

When you have a massive collection of music files, synchronizing the files in proper order becomes a tiresome job especially when the user has to spend hours doing this manually over the computer. Most of the music players are not able to tag mp3’s but this one serves that purpose too. The software is able to RIP music from the CD or DVD, which can be beneficial for the user because it saves a lot of hard disk space when you have music in compressed format and it is quite easy to edit and organize them so that your computer remains well organized. An easy switching mode in the player is also one of the unique and attractive feature of the product. Overall it is a product compact with a lot of utility and attractive features.