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The internet is full of numerous songs available in all the different genres, which can make it quite a daunting task for any user looking any particular song or artist. Therefore, users can opt for the JOC MP3 Finder software to find virtually any MP3 soundtrack at the click of a button. In fact, this tool proves to be extremely capable in finding soundtracks by checking all the configured search engines in a simultaneous manner.

JOC MP3 Finder allows its users to enter any song, artist, etc they are searching for, and then finds the MP3 files related to the text entered by the users. Moreover, this tool provides the results of their search almost instantly to the users and even that after validating them in an automated manner. Users can then proceed to download the verified MP3 links with a simple double click.

JOC MP3 Finder application provides a number of other features such as ability to store results in project files, export results in various different formats, provide offline sorting or searching, resuming of partial downloads through an integrated downloader among others. In addition, new features such as project notes, shell extensions, and better program performance makes it more useful. Moreover, users can perform a number of other tasks such as adding MP3 links, and search history etc.

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