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Editing audio tags is not an easy task to do without the help of high quality software. Now, there is hundreds of such software in the market, but jMP3 TAG Editor is undoubtedly one of the best among all of them. This software comes with exceedingly easy working mechanism, which anyone can employ without any trouble. The user interface of the software is fabulous and extremely straightforward for the user. This software not only helps to edit audio tags, but it also assists the user to rename audio files.

jMP3 TAG Editor supports the user to rename a lot of audio files at a time with the help of batch rename option. This helps the user to save a lot of time while renaming audio files. This software helps to edit tags of all audio files. It also extracts tags of ID3 version 1 and ID3 version 2 mp3 audio files. It renames the files and edits the tags of the files by using a particular pattern after extracting them.

jMP3 TAG Editor also enables the user to each tag fields. Additionally, it helps to resample the mp3 files with LAME MP3. This software also allows the user to change the sample frequency of the audio files. It also changes the bit rate of the audio files. It also alters and enhances the output quality of the audio files. This software offers to encode multiple files at a time. All these high class features make jMP3 TAG Editor one of the best in its category.