JB Music Catalogue

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It often happens that someone is trying to make a personalized collection of music. However, it is not easy to make such a collection from so many mp3 files, tapes, CDs etc. In such a context, the software, which helps someone the most, is JB Music Catalogue. It has so many features, and it easily catalogs CDs, LPs, tapes, mp3 files and other music related files. Its features are entirely top class, and no other software in this whole category can match its quality.

This software catalogs the music files with their details. It has an in-built music player in it. This software is capable of generating detailed reports, discographies and many more. It is extremely attractive and user-friendly with its quality interface. The user can customize many features of this high quality software, like – properties, looks, layout etc. This software helps to catalog almost all formats of music. It also assists to add new formats in it. Moreover, it helps to link with all the albums, which have the same song in it. It catalogs the iTunes music library, the mp3 files etc. It also gives customized reports of the music collection, and someone can import these reports on PDF files, word files, excel files etc.

JB Music Catalogue helps to import lyrics for the songs. It also facilitates to play different songs with the music player in-built in it. Someone can bring in an album art for the music albums. One can add more than one picture for a single album or artist. A person can make a wish list of music with the help of this cataloging software and play it accordingly. It filters specified music formats and creates a collection. JB Music Catalogue helps to view music files in different ways, as per the wish of the user. All these high quality options make this software one of the best in music management category.