Download iTCover

The software iTCover provides the user little help for the usage of iTunes. It automatically displays the cover picture of the song played in the iTune. The software was first launched in the market in the year 2004 by the developer concern TimLawrence. Primarily by its usage, it is not only music and media oriented software but also consists of some database of pictures. It is categorized in the section of MP3 & Audio software conventional group. But due to its technical and efficient working capacity it is also considered in the music management software section for better use.

The software iTCover is been supported in every windows operating systems, like windows XP, windows 2000 and windows vista. Still, it doesn’t require any of the other supportive files to back up as it is self-supportive itself. It only requires about a 6 MB of size in the hard disc to run itself. The publishing group was concerned about the usage of this software. Thus it is made very user friendly and easy to configure.

The software iTCover also offers the user other some beneficial advantages regarding this. This software contains a database inside its programming. It has a capability to scan the picture and display it. So when a false image is displayed or matched with a different MP3, it scans the picture and can detect its originality. It not only matches the two images shown, but also compares it too. Then before displaying, it finds the similar image near about close to it or exactly like the original one and changes it to the extent of threshold. Thus iTCover is not only a music oriented software, but also a music and picture comparing software or database. This is definitely a software that anyone would look for.