Download iStation

The software iStation is a complete package of entertainment provided in the user machine. User can listen to the music, hear radio stations or download media files from internet direct through this software.

This software was published by the DJ Arts publishing group concern in the year of 2005. For complete media and entertainment package, this software was designed for everyone. With conventional old thoughts, this software is sectioned in the MP3 & Audio software division. But it is also treated as a music management software. As the software was published in 2005, it is mainly supported by the windows XP operating system. This suitable operating system helps the program to run itself. Thus it doesn’t need any other back up program for help. Else it requires only about 6 MB of hard disc space to operate.

The software iStation was designed and configured to provide complete media oriented implementation. The basic principle was to play and record music files from the internet directly. But later on, due to some changes and modification its working field extended a bit larger. Now its implementation not only limited in recording and playing media files but also hearing radio stations across the globe and transferring that files into iPods and music files. The software iStation can transfer the files in some other devices, which it recorded or downloaded directly through the internet. Other than the transferring, user can also make a CD or DVD if he/she wants to. This software consists of a database inside where there is a mapping provided for each and every search to be made through it in internet. Thus this software works so efficiently and run smoothly in such high level without any complains.