IPod backup

Download IPod backup

If you have to send your iPod to a service centre for regular servicing or any kind of repair to that device, you now have nothing to fear about the contents of your iPod. You just have to opt for the brand new iPod backup. It is new software that has been designed to help you in transferring any type of data or music or tunes from your iPod to your computer. Now you can revive your collections in your iPod by using this application.

It is very user friendly application. User of this software have to select only the location of the specific folder that he or she has chosen to transfer from the iPod and then just select the file on the hard drive of their computer. This software will make a backup file of that specific folder or file on the hard drive of your computer. User also gets the useful informations how to import the tunes or music folders from the iPod to the iTunes very easily. The application includes some features that may become very useful and important regarding the back up of images or others from the iPod to your computers. This software application enables the user to back up all the data like tunes, music, games etc. in a single file in your computer.

A user of this can create more than one backup image as required for the complete backup. The restoration of the entire data from your computer to the iPod is just so easy that it can be done by a single click of the mouse button. This software can be used to create the backup image on the removable drive such as external hard drive also. The utility of this software can be known better that it can also be used to compress the file or folder of the backup images to reduce the size of the image and increase the free space.