Download iGrab

iGrab makes downloading your desired videos a breeze. With this software you no longer have to hunt the internet for your favorite videos for hours. iGrab searches for the videos and downloads them to your hard drive. The software searches the internet and downloads the videos images you desire for your hard drive. You just need to put a word into the search engine and the software searches for related videos and images and automatically downloads them. In the iGrab gallery, you can instantly organize and watch the content and save the required files directly to your hard drive. It allows you to save the necessary files and also delete the ones that you do not need immediately. This brings all your favorite videos just a search away.

All you have to do is enter a term to search and the software sweeps the internet for it and downloads all relevant image files or video files. You have to decide how many results you want the software to retrieve and then you can continue to use your computer for any work that you please. When convenient, you can choose to discard the files you don’t need and save the files that you require. iGrab comes with its own media player thus allowing you to watch the downloaded and stored immediately without having to wait for other programs to load.

Thus you can view your collection instantly. It also allows trimming your file list in iGrab's convenient thumbnail gallery and also to watch your favorite videos time and again. This software means you can have all the videos that are in rage at your disposal and never have to spend hours looking for it again. You can just watch them in your iGrab gallery. iGrab comes equipped with parental lock, which allows you to set access codes and keep anyone without these codes from watching your content. This makes it possible for your kids to enjoy the internet, without running the risk of exposing them to unsuitable material.