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Managing the defragmented files is really a tough job to do. Various kinds of files are located randomly in our hard disc. It causes a major hazard in the computer processing time. Thus to re arrange them properly and to resolve this problem one would definitely require Ideal Sorter 2007. The software was first launched in the market by Itanium software Solution software development authority in the year of 2007, May. Programmed with all the latest and modern facilities, it is considered as one of the best in its class.

The software is loaded with a great file organizing ability and added with a vibrant application power to the computer. Most importantly, the reputation of being so updated allowed Ideal Sorter 2007 in MP3 & Audio Software category and Music Management software sub-category. And once again, the simple nature with a sleek and transparent design of the program leads it to some more benefits as well. All the windows operating system included windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista and windows 7; windows 8 are compatible with this program. Else it doesn’t require any other program to support it. It is self-supportive and can manage itself on its own. It only needs about 14 Mb of hard disc space to imply itself.

Ideal Sorter 2007 allows the user to sort out the unwanted files and remove them from the computer to make it clean and much smoother. It can also rename the files according to their respective abilities in account of identifying the files. Else it can also tackle with the MP3, AVI, JPEG, DivX and many more types of files. Handling these files, arranging them and relocating them according to their respective jobs are one of the basic principles of Ideal Sorter 2007. The experts belief it is one of the rising software in the professional levels.

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