Download iBackupBot for Windows

Many people these days are using the highly sophisticated devices like – iPhone, iPads, iPods, and they are storing a lot of vital data n these devices. Now, in most of the cases, people are looking to save these data in some other devices for a backup. In such context, personal computers are extremely helpful. To fulfill this task of backup, quality software is essential and iBackupBot for Windows is one of them. This software is exceedingly easy to use and comes with a one click backup option.

By using this software, backups from iPhone, iPod, iPad will get saved in the iTunes software, and the user can restore it from there. Moreover, if the user wants to use the backup for some other devices which are also iProducts, he can do it also with the help of this software. The software helps backup almost all the settings, messages, contacts and other features in the devices. It backs up text messages, contacts, calendar entries, notes, reminders, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, alarms, widget settings etc. A person can visit these backup files, can browse them, use them, and also copy them anytime. Moreover, someone can edit and save these backup files with the help of this software as it possesses built-in Plist editor, Text Editor, Hex Editor, SMS message viewer, notes viewer, address book viewer, database viewer, image viewer etc.

One can restore them to the device and use it accordingly after editing the backup files. One can delete call history; activate the iPad multi touch feature with the assistance of this software. This software helps the user to employ some of the features, which are not present before in any other such software in the market. This is the reason why; it is popular as one of the best software in its own category.

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