HFS Explorer

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HFS Explorer helps the user to read the HFS; HFS+ & HFSX file systems for the better purpose of the machine.  It is basically a program for the Mac operating systems but still it is used by all. The HFS Explorer provides the user to represent a graphical view of the volume of the memory system if it is needed. It can also extract the content from the file and display its full details with the settings and all other necessary information available. Thus extracting the data from the file HFS Explorer creates a disc image in the hard disc to store it. This software can also assist in decoding the .dmg disc images along with the zlib or bzip2 compressed digital files in the Mac operating systems.

The HFS Explorer was first designed in the year 2008 by the Catacombae software development organization. The publisher created two modes of application for this. The first mode consists of the utility part which allows it to demonstrate all its functions. Thus it is categorized in the file & operating system section. And the second part assists in managing the implemented files of the software. For this, it is considered in the file management sub category. HFS Explorer was configured for the multipurpose use. For this issue, it is been easy to configure and designed in a very simple manner.   Only windows vista and windows XP is supported by this software. Else it doesn’t require any other additional software to run. The total size of the software is about 2 MB.

HFS Explorer usually loads file from the disc or the hard discs. The separation of discs, master boot record and Guide partition process is all considered under HFS Explorer. The program is basically written in the Java 5, which contains some advanced features of Java 6. It is very utilizing software for all in case of hard disc problems.