Download Hardcore

If playing guitar is your escape route from the plague of the world, then it’s very obvious that the most upsetting thing is that no matter what you do, you cannot make your digital Audio Workstation sound like the old amp and stomp boxes like the previous times. Sounds of the old stomp boxes cannot be replaced by anything else and a guitarist knows it the best. Hardcore, keeping the guitarists in their mind have made it possible for your DAW to sound like the old amp and stomp boxes just the way you want them to be.

The pedal board in the Hardcore has neatly arranged stomp boxes having their own independent ‘hardware’ essence. The Hardcore has an eight-band graphic Equalizer and five classic vintage chiffonier simulations that winds up all together to give you one powerful and amazing sound. The Hardcore has a collection of ten classic effects to give you a real old feel to your DAW namely distortion, chorus, flanger, phrase, reverb, delay, noise gate, equalizer, compression and modulator. Hardcore is the software program that will instantly make you feel relaxed as it is extremely simple to use and does not need much fancy operations to make it work. If you always desired to play like all those celebrities then with Hardcore it is now possible.

Hardcore also makes your guitar playing a better experience, giving you the feel of playing it like the ones you grew up idolizing. Now make your DAW sound just like the stomp boxes and get your bass at the right amplification. It will give you a content rhythmic self-accomplishing feel while you play your music on the guitar. Playing guitar will be an experience every time you play it for the player as well as the listener. Hardcore is available in the market for free at a trial basis, hence the user can try it out and use the software before buying it. Hardcore is therefore, ‘the’ software for any guitarist.