Download Floola

If you are music addicted and a huge user of music jukebox then Floola is the best cross-platform software for iTunes users. Most of the music jukeboxes over market are not iTunes that work with iPod. Floola is an exception for users. It can work from your iPod as well as it is very compatible with your computer also. Floola can be used in portable music players as well as it can work from iPod too. Though this software is very comfortable with iTunes properties of your computer, it can work at its best from iPod.

Floola has some great features to be deal with. All features of this program are very synchronized and robust. The main feature of this software is its sound and video. You can easily blow away with its visual audio clarity. Besides all of these, this software provides a very good image quality. With Floola, you can play music, audio visual, can take a note and can see images. This software also includes Google calendar synchronization. Using Floola you can also copy songs from your iPod to computer or vice versa. You can download music and videos from web and convert videos to audio only. You can also create playlists and can edit them. If you are searching a file, whether it is in playlist or not then this software can save your time, using its podcast catching tool. It will automatically tell you whether a file is in playlist or not. Floola also has a property for cracking Apple’s labyrinthine system.

The interface of Floola is very simple and well designed. It can be easily used by any regular user as well as expert users. All well-used options are comprehensively present on its interface. Floola is best compatible with Apple jukeboxes. Using Floola, you can also edit any song and play in playlist. With all of these features Floola performs very well to be considered as an alternative of iTunes.