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Easy Tag is a graphical tag editor that helps in viewing FLAC, MP (2, 3), Monkey’s Audio Files, Muse Pack, etc. This software is mainly based on nice and simple GTK+ interface that makes tagging easier. This software is basically developed for Linux/GNU and Apple OS X and previously for the Microsoft Windows under the GNU General Public License. The Easy Tag mainly relies on id3lib GTK+ and for graphics and ID3 tag for handling. The software also uses the tag manipulation library so provided by the MAD project in support of ID3v2.4.

Easy Tag with its view mode organizes the media files by the album and artist so as to help the user to have a quick view of all the files within a span of time. The Easy Tag has got some features, which makes it presentable and useful to fulfil the various needs of different users, supports CDDB, use tag information or external text files that help in renaming various file, depending on the media format several tag fields are available and also uses the tree based browser or the artist, album view mode.

It generates playlist and helps in recursion into subdirectories. Using custom masks and pre-sets helps in automatic tagging. It supports various media formats, reading and displaying file header information and applies changes in a required field to all selected files. The software contains some basic media libraries such as the GTK 2.4, libogg, libvorbis for Org Vorbis Files, mpeg4ip for MP4 files, id3lib to handle MP3 files for running its various applications smoothly. Overall, Easy Tag software with all its features and easy to use application, will prove to be very useful for most of the user.