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Easy MP3 Mover is an easy and helpful MP3 manager that moves the user’s MP3 files and folders in a proper logical folder. The user of the application can choose up to five structure options, which the software can use to move the user’s MP3 files and folders into a synchronized folder structure. The software can automatically rename the user’s MP3 files and has the option of editing and deleting any ID3 Tag version of one or two with the help of the ID3 Tag Editor present in the application of the software.

The Easy MP3 Mover having the presence of the .pls file in its application helps the user to listen to all local files just by adding the name required in the search engine and then making a click for it. The Easy MP3 Mover has been developed by the DE wave Software with the presence of both trial of 7days and also the free version at a certain price of a size 1.9 MB, which can be installed in all the version of Windows. A Pls file could be made using the easy Mp3 Mover. Search options could be added such as artist, title, and genre and in this process a list could be created.

A playlist is generated by the application so that easily the local files could be listened to. The program helps in organizing one’s folders in a very simple way to make sorting easy for the user. The program makes the entire process of searching a file simple and easy. The program is very useful to everyone and makes work enjoyable and fun. It adds to the process utilizing time in the best possible way. The features have been designed in a very comprehensive and user friendly way only to make the program convenient for the user.

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