Easy Exif Delete

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Easy Exif Delete helps the computer to stay protected against the corruption of the hard disc. It scans and finds the JPEG Exif data and destroys it. The Exif data contains a hidden form of metadata and attached with a Jpeg file. The jpeg file is basically an image type file. This image can be of camera type, lenses type or may be of video quality type. The Exif data not only includes a jpeg file but also some important detail factor about the previous file. This detailing may be about the time of creation, copyright factors, and used programs for modification, and even latitude & longitude of the position of the file. Easy Exif Delete detects this file along with their details and removes it from the hard disc.

This software was designed by the ConsumerSoft software developing organization in the year of 2010. The basic principle of the software is to remove the Exif files and make the machine clean from corruption. That’s why for this ability, the software has considered in the utility & operating software section for better purpose. Again, for the technical part, it is sectioned in the file management sub-section. Experts designed Easy Exif Delete for the use for all. Thus it is easy to configure and very simple to use. For this reason it is supported by every windows operating system. From windows 7, windows XP to windows 2000 it is been supported by all. And most importantly it doesn’t require any other additional software to run itself.

Exif files contain some personal information also. Now, on uploading jpeg images in the internet may expose one’s personal data to the public. Easy Exif Delete detects the Exif file, and removes them permanently from the system. Else it provides the user to maintain a clean and fast working desktop along with a smooth and efficient performance.