Dudebox Explorer

Download Dudebox Explorer

Dudebox Explorer is the most advanced companion software for Dell Digital Jukebox or Dell DJ. If you are a music freak and have a Dell DJ with you all the time, then Dudebox Explorer is the necessity for you. Dell DJ has its own explorer to explore all files in your device. It categorizes all files in a sequential manner. But if you want to explore all files in advanced way like your PC then you must need Dudebox Explorer. It explores all files of your device in an advanced and user comfortable way. It can organize all files of your device by name, tag or keyword as you need. It can create a PC explorer environment in your Dell DJ.

The main advantage of using this explorer is that you don’t need so much time to find a file or more than one file. Like PC explorer it also has search option through which you can look for any file easily. This explorer is very fats at its works. You don’t have to waste so much time for managing files in your Dell DJ. Dudebox Explorer also has a great web interface to access your Dell DJ. It also has a built in web server for fast access. This software uses all the memory of your Dell DJ in an organized manner. It doesn’t waste much memory and store all files in a sequential way.

This application also has a great feature and it is when your device is running out of memory this explorer tries to save memory and keep warning you. Dudebox Explorer has a powerful search option. It uses a built in SQL database for fast searching and reporting. This tool also looks up for file errors in your device. It can be installed in all types of windows. File transfer using this software is very fast and error free. It doesn’t allow your device to be hanged and detects all error automatically.