Directory Printer

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Directory Printer consists of a core engine that is spread all along the computer hard disc. The selected view of the hard disc from this software can be seen or be printed according to the wish of the user.  When the program is installed in the machine, it quickly scans the hard disc and starts as a root directory from the default browsing operation. The details of the scan report are represented in a classic way of manner arranged according to the creation of date to the file size etc. The sub-categories are not displayed here. Other categories along with these sub-categories are found in the View menu option. The secret or the private files hidden on the computer are also shown in this search. With the help of this software, the shown directory is simpler way of represent the directory of a computer. Thus the software provides the user most compact advantages possible. It allows the user to search, negotiate and compare the data inside the machine.

The Directory Printer allows the user some other explicit properties too. The technical view of the software causes it to contain in the utilities & operating system software division. The software was designed by AMB software developing organisation in the year 2012. Due to its simple configuration, it is supported in most of windows operating systems. And to run this program no other helping programs are required. It only takes about a 6 MB of hard disc to run itself.

The Directory Printer also provides a duplicate finder searching operation in it. It can scan and report several other machines in a minute of time efficiently. Thus it saves our time for other works. The Directory Printer helps the user by scanning, finding duplicates, renaming files and other details. This is very useful software for everyone.