Delete Duplicate Songs

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While we download files from the internet the realization comes late that a lot of unnecessary files get automatically downloaded all over your computer for no reason. These files are a nuisance with respect to your hard file indexing service and file management system. All it does is that employs costly hard disk space that you paid for uselessly. To track all these duplicate files in your system and delete them can get nerve-wracking. The brilliant software called Delete Duplicate Songs is a program that is designed to ‘hunt and kill’ (find and delete) all duplicate media files on your system. A comprehensive byte-to-byte and CRC32 comparison give you precision in the search of the duplicate songs negligent of the filename. With Delete Duplicate Songs you can remove, move and copy those duplicate songs that are lying around in the download folder of your browser.

Hard disks in the current market don’t come cheap, with the new technology of Solid state drives entering the memory market, hard disk space is a prized possession in the current market. When sampling the internet for high quality songs that you always wanted to play on your home theater, you end downloading multiple files of the same song that you are too lazy to delete at the end of the day. Delete Duplicate Songs gives you the freedom of lethargy and immerse in the beats without having to worry about your computers file handling and indexing service.

The user is presented with a comfortable user interface, which allows a novice user to effectively save his hard drive space. Delete Duplicate Songs is compatible with all the popular song formats like .mp3, .wma, .ogg etc. The added advantage being the support it provides for USB flash drives and Media Player Playlists allows the user to have the playlist that he/she has craved for.